Monday 15 May 2023

May time

The month of May is lush and green with added purple: wisteria, lilac, ceanothus. I enjoy the freshness of each new dawn and the calmness of dusk. But the weather can often be erratic. May always seems a bit hesitant as to whether it wants to be Summer or not. We have had a lot of rain recently, at first with mild temperatures and then, recently, a bit on the cold side. Today the rain has stopped and it turned out to be a warm sunny day. I also heard the first cuckoo of the year coming from the woods opposite.

The vegetable plots and greenhouse are filling up. We are enjoying a generous crop of asparagus again this year. The sheep are on some fresh grazing and are dotted about a field in small family groups with the lambs staying close to their mothers. 

There's lots to do but lots to be thankful for. Here is this year's wisteria show.