Monday 31 July 2023


A week or so ago I experienced a detached retina which, being a medical emergency, meant I ended up at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for a surgical repair within hours of first seeking GP advice. It is carried out with a local unaesthetic and I was torn (no pun intended) between innate curiosity about the procedure and the experiential knowledge of what the surgical team were actually doing to my eye. It was surprisingly more technically complex than I anticipated  but a marvel of medical practice. The surgeon and theatre team, and the unit nursing staff, were excellent. 

Being an entirely unexpected event it was not possible to make any advance plans. The immediate aftercare involved lying down for five days to help promote the initial healing of the re-attached retina and to help keep it in place. Driving for the time being is out of the question. This is somewhat inconvenient for running a smallholding. The recent arrival of two litters of pigs, crops needing to be harvested, along with the routine daily husbandry,  added to the challenge.

However, a combination of brothers and sisters and a nephew, as well as daughters, have stepped in without hesitation, or any solicitation necessary, to provide the most practical support with largely unfamiliar tasks. For this we are most exceedingly grateful. These are precious attachments.