Tuesday 27 November 2018

Nearby heaps

In the field directly in front of the house the farmer has only just started harvesting the sugar beet. This heap is about 10 feet high. I remember when they were all seedlings. The beet will  be going to the sugar factory at Bury St Edmunds.

The next field along grew wheat this year. The farmer has been delivering great heaps of manure to be ploughed in to prepare this light, sandy soil for the next crop. This is one of several heaps dotted along the field margin. The straw from previous crops is used by a livestock farmer for bedding and this gets returned to the arable farm it came from with dung added. Full circle.

Here is a heap of wood chippings a nearby tree management company dropped off for me. I use it for the chicken runs. 


  1. Most of the mud from the sugar beet fields is now on the roads round here and on the car!

  2. Now we are into a rainy few days I can see the same happening here.

  3. Great piles of dung and wood chippings.

  4. They’re a beautiful thing to behold, Dave.