Tuesday 5 February 2019

Room for another

Now that the icy conditions have, for the time being at least, receded I planted a plum tree which I bought a week or so ago. A nursery we called in on was selling some fruit trees at a very reasonable price, probably because they were root balled, rather than container grown, and they needed to get them moved on sooner rather than later. I spied a healthy looking, well formed young tree among them and with premeditated impulsiveness decided to buy it.

It is the ubiquitous Victoria plum. But its popularity is well-deserved because it is prolific, very tasty and self-pollinating. We do have other plum trees, including an aging Victoria, but there is room for another. We like plums very much. 

Newly planted Victoria plum (with the essential
rabbit guard).


  1. We purchased a pack of 3 fruit trees (apple, pear, plum) 4 years ago. We were told not to e pect fruit for about 5 years. The plum died the first year, the pear has leaves but no fruit, and the apple had just one small fruit this summer. I hadn't considered the pollination issue. If I buy more trees, I think I will consider a Victoria. They are great fruit, very versatile.

  2. The plastic guard prevents ring barking by the petrol strimmer too. Can you grow Plums from their stones or are they grafted? I have never grown them.

  3. I think if you grow them from stones they won’t come true and it will be a long time to fruit.