Tuesday 23 July 2019

From the cutting garden

A selection of cut flowers picked today.

Antirrhinum - Simple but tasteful.
1000 seeds in a 50p packet

Gladioli - They can be a bit blowsey and
ostentatious but this variety is attractive. A line
of corms planted a couple of years ago  and more
or less left to their own devices. They reliably pop
up every year.

Gazania 'Purple Prince' - I think they look
in a flower bed rather than a vase. Or maybe
something else should join them?


  1. Very nice antirrhinums, and I'm a fan of gladdies. Interesting that you leave your corms in over winter. I have always followed the instructions to dig them up. It's a bit of a chore and I'm not convinced that it doesn't arrest their growth. (Mine are yet to bud up. )

  2. It’s true that the usual ad ice is to dig gladioli forms up to store over winter and plant out the following spring but I’ve never done that and not had any problems here in West Suffolk and previously in Essex. I do give them a good mulch though. I do the same for dahlias. Mine might be ahead of yours because of this.

    1. Dahlias too? I have never dared to leave them in though I've heard of it. At Agatha Christie's house, Greenway, there's a whole bed of dahlias that have been there since the day she put them in. But the guide went on at length about the particular climate of the region, the mild winters and the aspect of the bed, so I just thought, "Better safe than sorry"!

  3. Beautiful flowers and arranged very professionally. Great display.

  4. My wife does the arranging Dave, I just grow them.