Wednesday 16 October 2019

Smug lunch

Many of our meals  are cooked from scratch from produce we have have grown or raised ourselves. Probably most, actually. There is no doubt that being able to do so is very satisfying. Not just from a sense of personal achievement and a desire to be as self-provisioning as we can, but also from all the benefits that flow from home grown produce: taste, variety, freshness, no additives or chemical applications, animal welfare and so on.

Today's lunch was a case in point. Spicy tomato soup with ricotta cheese, along with some home made whole meal bread. Alright, there was also salt and pepper which we bought. And the bread flour. The milk for the cheese was from a supermarket. Reasons not to be too smug about it. 

But then it was also our own time and labour that went into it - quite a bit in fact.  


  1. Yummy! That looks delicious.

  2. How wonderful! What a lovely feeling of satisfaction.

  3. How delicious. Dining in the finest restaurant can't compare to a wholesome, simple meal, cooked from scratch with love and care.

  4. Looks and no doubts tastes delicious. What spices did you put in to the soup?

    1. It was Dave. Basil, plus ginger and a fresh chopped chilli. Courgette and a potato were used to thicken it up.

  5. That looks delicious. I had some milk 'on the turn' this week - so I turned it into a batch of ricotta. Very satisfying!