Friday 31 January 2020

Pristine peacock

I know that it has been a relatively mild winter so far but I was still surprised, on the last day of January, to come across this peacock butterfly in pristine condition. 


  1. How utterly beautiful. I think I read somewhere that 2019 was a particularly good year for butterflies. Will that be true for 2020 as well, do you think?

  2. Peacock butterflies are one of the few that hibernate as adult butterflies so I guess if the winters are mild there’ll be more to reproduce in the summer.

  3. Coincidentally there was a bit on Winterwatch last night about hibernating butterflies and how they seem to be going into hibernation earlier and coming out sooner

  4. I saw one last week. Fabulous photo. Seed potatoes in Lidl next week. Going to plant some in the polytunnel.

    1. I’ll be getting my seed potatoes during the week too Dave.