Sunday, 25 September 2022

Show time

Yesterday I was privileged to be asked to judge the, albeit scaled down, Mildenhall Allotments Association annual show. Like a lot of small organisations it is still recovering from COVID. Nevertheless, it was a pleasurable afternoon and it was gratifying to see the fruits of participants' hard work after a difficult growing  season. Such enthusiasm too.

Today it was my turn to be a participant at the Fenland Growers Smallholders and Crafters Club produce show. Quite a wide range of classes, including crafts, photography, baking and preserves as well as fruit and vegetables. Some very impressive wool crafted creations particularly caught my eye, many of them from the wool of fleeces from the crafter's own sheep.

I entered the Green Vegetable Basket class but did not read the instructions properly. It actually meant literally the colour green not the wider concept of environmentally green. Still, I was generously awarded third prize (a dried poppy seed head - not the dried teasel seed head first prize I had set my sights on).

My vegetable basket entry


  1. That's a wonderful basket. I'm amused by prizes.

    1. Thank you Kirsten. Yes the prizes were novel. Some one several prizes, enough to make a seed head display for a vase perhaps.