Tuesday 17 December 2019

Drawing on reserves

This year we have had some poor crops (apples), some crop failures (carrots), some seasonal bonanzas (asparagus and grapes) as well as a wide range of produce we can nearly always rely on. Not all of it is suitable for storage or preserving.

Here is what we are still harvesting:-
- Jerusalem artichokes
- Parsnips
- Spinach
- Leeks
- Celery
- Red cabbage
- Eggs

This is what we have stored:-
- Potatoes
- Onions
- Garlic
- Borlotti beans
- Walnuts

From the freezer:-
- Cauliflower
- French Beans
- Runner beans
- Peppers
- Chilli
- Raspberries
- Blackberries
- Black currants
- Red currants
- Plums

Some of the products from preserving:-
- Jams
- Chutneys
- Honey
- Passata
- Pickled walnuts
- Dried plums
- Apple juice
- Elderflower cordial
- Cider

Home grown meat from the freezer
- Pork
- Lamb
- Mutton
- Chicken
- Duck
- Turkey


  1. Very impressive. We have still got Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Beetroots, Leeks to harvest. Plus all the new perennials and shrub cuttings. Too wet to do any digging though.

  2. Forgot to mention the Brussel sprouts. It’s been unusually wet here for us too Dave.

  3. So impressed. How do you pickle walnuts?

  4. Hello Angela. The key thing is to pick immature nuts when they are still green and before the shell starts to form. That is about late June for us. Once prepared they need to be left for a year. I’ve just tried one from one of the jars we made in 2018. Just right if you like pickley things. I’ll post what we do shortly.