Tuesday 31 December 2019

Our house from a distance

This is the view of our house from across the neighbouring fields on the last day of 2019. You can just make out the house behind the trees on the right of the photograph.

The drain or dyke is Baldwins Lode (lode is an Anglo Saxon word for a watercourse). Baldwins Lode is quite modest compared to some of the Fen drains or dykes but plays an important role locally for drainage and irrigation. The Internal Drainage Board have recently dredged the lode. The bankside reeds have been mowed as part of the work.

The field on the left is still covered in stubble from the wheat harvested last August. Sugar beet grew on the field to the right and has only just been harvested and collected.  


  1. Smashing photo Philip. Do you ever go fishing?

  2. I don’t fish Dave. I wouldn’t mind going sea fishing of beach fishing for mackerel if I had the chance. There has to be a meal in it for me. In the bigger fen dykes I do see folk fishing.