Thursday 17 February 2022

Bringing the sheep in

The first lambs are not due for another three weeks but I decided to move the ewes into the barn today. This is partly a pre-emptive move because of the imminent arrival of Eunice. When she has passed by we have wet and windy weather forecast for a few days, at least, afterwards. We have seven ewes expecting and with them are two other ewes too young to breed from this year. Hopefully they will observe and take note of what is going on. 

There is not much grass to be had  and the ewes are eating mostly hay in any case. The two rams, who have been kept separate, will have to grin and bare it. Our Wiltshire Horn sheep are a primitive breed and are in fact hardy enough to cope with the weather, but with the ewes being in an advanced stage of pregnancy it makes sense to get them comfortable and used to where they will deliver. 

If the wind speeds tomorrow turn out to be as currently anticipated (80 mph plus) I expect some trees here to go down. Lets hope they fall in the right direction. I did what I could today to try and minimise potential damage around the holding but we will have to see what the state of play is once the dust has settled.

The ewes

The barn

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