Sunday 5 June 2022

Elderflower cordial time

Another annual task that marks the progress of the year. Around here the elderflowers were about two weeks later than usual. This was possibly due to the relatively cold Spring we had. The common elder is perhaps too coarse and vigorous for the average garden. But if left unpruned, as they are along a nearby field edge, they look very impressive when in full flower. During May I am always on the look out so that the opportunity to make cordial is not missed.

We hosted an extended family gathering recently (postponed from Christmas 2020 and again from Christmas 2021) and were blessed with fine, sunny weather so we were able to be outdoors. I noticed the elderflower cordial, saved from last year, seemed to go down very well. 

It is easy to make. I usually produce 3 litres at a time and store in the freezer until desired. Over the years I have adjusted the sugar content as some of the recipes suggest more than I think is needed. I find it a very refreshing drink and one I associate very much with summer.

This year's batch

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