Tuesday 18 October 2022

Avian flu - its not looking good

Avian flu is continuing its relentless course and is expected to intensify still further as the Winter migratory bird season gets underway. The Defra map shows why a regional housing order has been put in place for Norfolk, Suffolk and some of Essex. Each ring represents an individual outbreak. The outer rings represent a 10km Surveillance Zone around an outbreak and the inner ring a 3km Protection Zone. There is a dense cluster around Attleborough where there is a concentration of commercial poultry units. Many thousands of birds have had to be culled. 

Apart form the legal requirement to house captive birds there are a range of biosecurity and record keeping measures that also have to be adhered to with more stringent ones for the inner zone. 

Its not looking good for the poultry industry nor poultry keepers generally. Nor indeed for wild bird populations.

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