Tuesday 25 October 2022


Buzzards are a very common sight here. Most days, when the weather is not inclement, I see them. They are around the whole year so I presume they nest in the various tree breaks and spinneys that are dotted around. Their persistent cat-like call is unmistakable and alerts you to their presence. On a sunny Autumn day like today I see them soaring on the thermals in wide circles against a blue sky. Buzzards don't seem to soar particularly high from what I have observed, so you can usually get a good view of them. They only seem to flap their wings when they break from their circular flight and head for the trees.

No doubt there is plenty of food opportunities for them in our smallholding and the surrounding fields. They seem to be thriving here and it is reassuring to see such a large bird of prey locally resident.  

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

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