Monday 2 January 2023

Chopping wood, cleaning pots and Percy Thrower

I've been spending much of the time today tidying up here and there outside. As our log splitter has a malfunction I also had to do some manual wood chopping as the Summer stocking up has now depleted. The wood is mainly poplar which burns through rather quickly but the wood is free and plentiful from our own trees. 

One of the tidying up jobs was to clean some small pots used for potting on seedlings. I use large quantities during the growing season. I normally clean them as I go along but there were some left over still sitting in the workshop, taunting me each time I went in and out. These are the sorts of necessary jobs that don't get a mention on Gardeners' World nor on inspirational You Tube videos but are nevertheless part and parcel of good horticultural practice. 

There is a lot to be said for the now out-of-fashion gardening exponents such as Percy Thrower, Fred Downham, Geoffrey Smith and that fine illuminator of the Victorian Kitchen Garden, Harry Dodson. All brought up in the head gardener or the municipal parks department tradition of thoroughness and attention to detail.

A few years ago I installed and outside sink
for essential cleaning jobs



  1. Month Don has an outside sink where he washes his pots and Frequently telling his viewers the importance of pot washing before reusing old pots. Perhaps you don't watch the show any more ??

  2. That should have read Monty Don. Jane

    1. Thank you Jane for the correction. For one reason and another I don't very often get to see GW, but I do like Monty Don.

  3. I did like Harry Dodson and his Victorian Kitchen Garden. Even though I wasn't attempting to grow things back then, I found his warm, non patronising style quite mesmerising and always watched the programme.