Saturday 9 September 2023

September heat

Today is the sixth consecutive day of plus 30 degree temperatures with at least one more day to go tomorrow, according to the forecast, before cooler weather arrives. Not the usual September weather even taking into account past 'Indian Summers'. One benefit for me of this high heat is that it has been too hot to do more than the usual routine tasks around the smallholding - no projects! This has acted as a helpful brake on trying to do too much too soon following the recent double eye surgeries. Family help, which has been enormously helpful, has been gradually tapering off. 

It has been too hot to take the dogs for a walk, especially Spice our Golden Retriever. However, or puppy, Zelda, still tears around like a mad thing unprompted but sudden suddenly crashes out until the next time.



  1. I do hope your recovery continues to go well. There's always the temptation to do to too much too soon after surgery. If the heat is helping you take a slower pace, that's good! And I'm glad you have great family support tooπŸ‘πŸ˜Š