Sunday 16 June 2024

Another litter

Another litter of piglets born today, coveniently at 1pm. A smaller litter of six, so all done by about 2pm. All went smoothly with no need for any significant intervention. I checked on progress during and after birth at regular intervals while doing other jobs about the smallholding.

As soon as they are born piglets will instinctively search out for one of its mother's teats to suckle. In large litters this can be a bit of a scramble with one on top of the other depending on whether they have located a teat on the 'upper deck' or the lower.

The photo below is of one of today's pigets about 15 minutes after birth, firmly latched on.


  1. How kind of the sow to deliver in the daytime! I love how the little ones just latch on instinctively.

  2. Wonderful sight/ photo. We have lost a couple this year when their mother gets tired and lays down on them.