Monday 24 June 2024

Smooth Hawksbeard

There is a grassy area along our entrance drive that has been a sea of lemon yellow of late and when the sun shine is on it the effect is amplified. I have to admit that it was an area I had not got around to mowing and now I'll intentionally delay mowing it for a little longer.

The dandelion-like flowers are about a foot high. This group of plants I find quite difficult to identify because they have many similarities so you need to inspect them in some detail to be reasonably sure of their identity. They are easy to ignore because most of them are very common. The group includes Hawkweed, Hawksbeard, Catsear, Hawkbit and of course Dandelions. 

My conclusion (I might be wrong) was that the flowers in the photograph are Smooth Hawksbeard. Common but with its own distinct identity which is worth taking the trouble recognising. For good measure I have added an arty moving image.


  1. What a wonderful sight. I was checking the video to see what the buds look like as I was walking past some goatsbeard on our road this afternoon. They are different, as the buds have a long point at the top. Similar plant family I should think.

    1. Another plant I had to look up. Yes they do look like they are in the same plant family.