Saturday, 26 November 2022

A beech hedge

We were away for three days during the week. Our first overnight excursion away from the holding since pre-COVID, in fact for about four years. 

I had ordered some bare-rooted hedging plants and they arrived far sooner than anticipated, late afternoon the day before we departed. The ground was already prepared and a planting line in place so I managed to plant them at first light on the morning before we left. They would probably have been okay for two or three days but they and I would be happier if they were planted straight away.

The hedge borders the newly sown lawn on one side and what will be a path on the other side. It will screen off the enclosed poultry runs. It is sixty feet in length so I ordered thirty hedging plants, planted two feet apart. 

I eventually chose beech hedging. This will provide a dense green backdrop during the Summer and the brown leaves, which are held on through much of the Winter, will give that Autumnal look for which beech is often noted for. 

I have left enough space to accommodate the hedge eventually growing to four feet in width and I'll probably keep it to a height of five or six feet. Hopefully, it will not be too many years before it  reaches these proportions.   

The hedging plants are 2-3 feet tall. The grass was 
sown on 3rd November and is establishing very well.
The fence on the right will eventually be taken down.

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