Monday, 21 November 2022


I was struck by this photograph of Earth sent back by the NASA spacecraft Artemis as it orbited the Moon. From about 240,000 miles away the small dot which is us is so distinctive in its blue-ness even at such a distance. This is, of course, the thin fragile atmospheric layer that has allowed life on Earth to flourish for so many millions of years. We are the generation that seem intent on squandering it.

NASA photograph of Earth viewed from the Moon 


  1. Loved the image. Thank you.

  2. Carl Sagan called one of his books "Pale Blue Dot". Here's a quote from it

    1. Thanks for that link to the quote Ang. I followed it up and then looked at where it came from. I did not know the reference to the "Pale Blue Dot" which captioned the BBC's publication of the photo. Carl Sagan expressed what I was thinking in a much more elegant and thought-provoking way.