Wednesday 30 November 2022

Poplars at dusk

The light at dusk, just before it gets properly dark, is sometimes quite eye-catching. This is a fairly busy time of the day for me on the smallholding but not so pressing as to prevent one from taking in the sights. Tonight it was the black tracery of the poplar trees against the blue-grey sky in the fading light. It looked so fine.

We have a long double line of poplars on our rear boundary, by all accounts planted more than sixty years ago. I have mixed feeling towards them. They do provided a wooded area which has its own interest, but the problem with poplar trees is that they are persistent in sending out vigorous suckers which can be problematic. Their shallow but extensive roots suck the moisture out of the soil. If left to their own devices they will quickly colonise the surrounding ground. However, today the poplars went up in my estimation.

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