Sunday 21 August 2022

Late Summer purple

Whereas Spring is dominated by yellow, as we move into late Summer blues and purples come very much to the fore. This is true in gardens, where blues and purples, such as scabious, asters and, a particular favourite, verbena bonariensis, are often effectively contrasted with deep red, such as crocosmia 'Lucifer' or the burnt orange of rudbeckias. It is also true of wild flowers at this time of the year too. I recently extolled the beauty of harebells growing in drought-ridden grass. 

Dotted along the bankside of a dyke today could be seen clumps of purple loosestrife ((Lythrum salicana). Their purple spikes stood out among the reeds which characteristically grow along fen dykes. They looked very well situated without any need for the intervention of a garden designer.

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