Wednesday 24 August 2022

Seasons running awry

Running a few errands, I nipped into a shop to buy a couple of gardening bits. The section of the shop normally displaying gardening tools and accessories was fully displaced by this:-

I know its a commonplace to bemoan the annual premature marketing of Christmassy products, but in August, when its 26 degrees centigrade and even Halloween barely on the horizon? 

We are all aware that the seasons are getting out of sync. but this one can't be anything to do with climate change.


  1. Oh Good Grief - That's definitely MUCH too soon.

  2. I'm all for rejoicing in the wonder of the Incarnation - but tubby little bearded characters in fleecy red outfits have no relevance and no place in the shops in August!

    1. Agreed! Nothing there to help one reflect on the true joy of the occasion.