Saturday 20 August 2022

Plum tomatoes

Today's main harvest was the first pickings of San Marzano tomatoes which were grown outdoors. These are a plum tomato variety, similar to Roma, which have thick skins and lower water content but still have a sweetness. They are excellent for cooking with. We grow these primarily for passata, jars of which are being prepared as I write. We use this a fair bit in our cooking and its years since we last bought tinned tomatoes. The passata will store in jars for more than a year or two based on our experience. I also picked lots of basil which I grow in the greenhouse and is one of the ingredients that go into the passata. 

San Marzano tomatoes with
Sungold tomatoes alongside.


  1. I've been growing Roma this year, and very pleased with my first attempt at plum tomatoes. But greedily eating them as they ripen - not being sensible and preserving them as passata!

    1. They were the fruit of your own labour so you are free to enjoy them any way you choose!