Monday 22 August 2022

Red Duke of York

With the fall in day time temperatures to a mere 25 degrees centigrade I took the opportunity to resume digging up the potato crop. I had previously unearthed two rows of Charlotte and two rows of Red Duke of York. Today, a third and final row of Red Duke of York. Six more rows of other varieties still to go.

The potato crop has been pretty good so far and we look to easily have enough to last through to next year's crop is ready. The photo below represents one row. There is a little bit of scab on some of the potatoes which is not unusual in drier soils. However, it is superficial and leaves no blemishes once peeled.

Red Duke of York is unusual in being a first early with red skin. It retains its red colour after cooking.  We don't generally eat them as 'new potatoes'. I have previously recommended Red Duke of York, as the best potato for roasting and indeed for chips (we have discovered the ingenious simplicity of 'air fryers' for the latter). They store very well too. As do Charlotte. 

I have never felt any desire to plant potatoes now and grow on in a protected environment to produce 'Christmas potatoes'. Ours are already waiting for this occasion.


  1. Air fryers are excellent! I've recently started using ours for homemade chips. I grow potatoes for fun in large tubs; I harvested my last tub today and got 650g... Nothing like your bounty! I couldn't tell you what variety as I just used some tired ones from the bottom of the fridge, but they are delicious.

    1. Growing potatoes in large containers/sacks is a good approach if space is limited and good use of spare ones at the bottom of the fridge! We hardly ever used to eat chips and oven chips are not quite up to it. We find air fryers do a good job.